[PAST EVENT] September Afternoon Workshop: PITCH PERFECT—Get the Media to Tune In, Not Out!

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About this event:

Created by Ruth Schwartz

Creating Buzz About Your Book with Isabella Michon

It’s time to go to the trenches and dig in. Creating buzz and word of mouth about your book is key. Capture the media’s interest with the perfect pitch. On the spot critiquing and mock interviews will be conducted and many examples of successful pitches will be provided.


  • Make the perfect pitch.
  • Find the right angle.
  • Understand, attract, and resonate with the media.
  • Turn a “no” into a “yes”.
  • Make your interview be as valuable as possible.



  1. How perfect pitches can transform you and your book.
  2. Press material is a waste without a good headline and the right kind of writing.
  3. Clinch interviews with creative sound bites.


About our speaker

Isabella Michon

Isabella Michon

Isabella Michon is the president and founder of ImMedia Inc. A former TV producer, and Harper SF publicist, she has over 37 years publicity and promotion experience. She has garnered coverage in USA Today, A.P., NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, and the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Isabella has helped bestselling authors, including Deepak Chopra, Melody Beattie, Andrew Harvey, Day in the Life series co-creator David Cohen, and Robert Thurman, who Time named as “one of the 25 most influential people”. Her workshops include “How to Promote Your Book to the Top of the Bestseller List.” She is a faculty member of Algonkian Writers Conferences and has spoken for the Learning Annex and San Francisco Writers Conference.

As a Book Midwife, Ruth helps authors get clear about the steps needed to turn out a professional book that looks as good as anything coming from a traditional publisher. Ruth helps you get past the stuck places, getting through the decision-making process quickly, birthing your book with ease.